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Don’t you love how people can just pass a law without being qualified on the subject matter?

There is a bill in Colorado, HB 3063, that, if passed, will take away personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations. Please advise your congressman to vote against this bill. We need to retain rights with what happens to our body.

If a person wants to take a vaccination, go ahead. But I have patients who have been injured by previous vaccinations. Should they have to take more?

If a person is interested, there are many resources to learn about vaccinations and how our health has gone downhill taking so many. In 1968, 4% of children had a chronic health condition. Now about 50% of all children have a chronic illness. And a study was done comparing people who, like me, had all of the childhood diseases and those who had all of the vaccinations and it was found that those who had the childhood diseases are healthier as adults. There is so much information about vaccines that is documented and searchable. Please take a few minutes to contemplate. Our health has not gotten better with all of the vaccines. It is so much harder to get people well today than 33 years ago when I graduated chiropractic school.

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