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Let It Snow!

Living in Denver, occasionally we have snow days.  Most snow days we continue our schedule just as we would when it doesn’t snow.  But then there are real snow days.  The city basically shuts down.  As long as the electricity stays on, we are fine watching the snow fall and accumulating.  

When we are forced to stay home because of the elements, we can relax.  There is nothing to do and no place to go.  Maybe the parents play games with the children.  You have a family day.  Children play making a fort with quilts and blankets or play grocery store taking everything out of the pantry.  Or everyone dresses appropriately and makes a snow man. That is what I did on the farm when I was a child.  But that is the way we lived, not the exceptional day.  We did not live the busy lives we live today.  

Yes, we have progressed to computers and phones and we live in a world of constant entertainment.  Things change and I’m in the older crowd.  But really cherish the snow days.  Being home a whole day with no one leaving is an exception to the rule these days.  When it happens, ENJOY IT! 

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