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Maybe you know someone who got an infection while in the hospital?  You thought you were safe in a hospital, right?  Think again.  But there is hope.

You see, all breakthroughs are from someone finding their purpose, which is often determined by interest, and struggling with it until the curtain opens and an answer is revealed.

I read this article and felt that way about this Dr. Stephanie Taylor.  She wondered why so many of her patients, who were children, got infection.  She decided to return to school to study architecture because she felt it was due to the layout of the building.

In doing a research project with over 8 million data points, one issue stood out above all others which correlated to infections.  It was dry indoor air.   The most healty relative humidity for indoors to avoid infection is between 40 and 60% relative humidity.  

Now we need to educate!  Hospitals should see this study!  If you know a doctor, forward this article to them.  And don’t forget to check the relative humidity in your own home!

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