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Microwave Cooking


I remember when I was a child, my Grandpa smoked.  He was in the hospital and his cardiologist sat on the bed with him while they both enjoyed a smoke.  That picture is seared in my brain.  How horrifying today.  But back then, we were blind to the problems of cigarettes.

Microwaves are bad for your health.  One student did an experiment in school.  She had a number of plants.  She divided them in half.  One half she watered with regular water.  The other one she watered with water that had been microwaved.  The result:  All of the plants watered with the microwaved water died.   The other plants were just fine.

In fact, this has been studied, just like cigarettes.  How long will it take us to LEARN?

Continually eating microwaved food causes brain damage.  The body can’t metabolize the microwaved food very well.  Our hormones are altered by foods that are microwaved.

If we look at the rise of brain problems, gut issues, and hormone issues, we should be horrified.  There are other causes, no doubt.  But this is an easy one to change.  Cooking is popular.  Learn a few great recipes.  Watch the cooking shows.  Make cooking family fun!  And forget about the microwave! 

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