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Mystery Illness!

I have THE BEST patients! I heard about the book, “Medical Medium,” from a patient and it is making the rounds quickly. I’m wondering, will this book change the trajectory of medicine? I don’t know. But it will change the trajectory of many patients, of that I am sure. As many of you know, I talk on and on about fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites—all the organisms as well as heavy metals. This man does too and gives an alternate perspective to people who suffer from mystery illness.  He says medical science will validate his claims in about 30 years. I won’t steal his thunder. Read it for yourself! If you suffer from a mystery illness or lyme disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, RA, or any autoimmune disease, please read this book and take from it what you can! Here is the link.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Illness!

  1. This is a tremendously interesting book and will most likely be extremely helpful to a lot of sick people. Thanks Dr. Edwards for bringing it to our attention! Here’s a good intro article about it, written by the author himself:

  2. I have heard some claims like this, which some of the society’s current beliefs regarding health are wrong. Like, egg yolk is high in cholesterol, but we have spoken to a doctor and told us to eat more eggs because it gives choline and lecithin which makes our body healthy and strong. We listened, we eat an average of 4-6 eggs a day ever since, and it contributes to healing a fungal infection. Just, wow! So I am just saying that people should be open minded to things like this, more things need to be learned and, yeah, what we might believe is right could be wrong.

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