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Sunny Days!

Spring ushers in excitement because we know that we feel better when our days are filled with more natural light.    The sun is very healing and nurturing.  Doesn’t it feel fabulous?  In Colorado, even in the winter, if we can stand in the sun, it feels good almost regardless of how cold it is.  We are fortunate to have so many sunny days.  No, we don’t want to get sun-burned, but a little sun every day does wonders for us in both mood and health.  There are so many cancers that are turned off with a higher Vitamin D level in our blood.  I’ve seen studies that talked about the amount of money that would be saved in health care if people just had enough Vitamin D.  Sad isn’t it?  And yes, we can get vitamin D from a pill, but  it is best to get it the way God intended, and that is from the sun.  So enjoy the sun a little every day.  It is your friend!

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