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We are here on this earth to enjoy ourselves and that includes enjoying our body. And, yes, that can mean an injury now and then. This is a reminder: small injuries (that means if it doesn’t take you to the ER) should be treated with ice. I’ve been in 20 car accidents and believe me, ice is my friend. Ice is best 20 minutes at a time. What a relief to my neck if it starts hurting! Put ice on for 20 minutes and then off for at least 20 minutes. I like a cloth pack that I keep in the freezer and pull out upon demand because I can twist it into the shape of my neck. And yes, heat can work too, but you will never go wrong with ice. Sometimes you will go wrong with heat meaning you will get more inflammation and therefore more pain. I like to use ice first. When the pain has been helped with the ice, then you can follow with heat for 20 minutes. Always stop and start with ice! So, enjoy your body!

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