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Safety First!

As doctors, we take the Hippocratic Oath that says we will first do no harm. Safety is important in all aspects of life. Did you know that there is no proof that genetically modified foods are safe for us to eat? There has been little study of effects from GMO’s on people.   However, there is greater and greater concern because of the results of the animal testing. A genetically modified food is where foreign genetic material is incorporated into the seeds of crops. Foreign material in the body requires the body’s immune system to rev up for war. Doesn’t that sounds like an autoimmune disease?  When we think man can do things better than God, is that being grandiose?

When we put anything in the body that is not meant to be there, we are likely asking for trouble.  The most common way that food is genetically modified is through herbicides or pesticides.  They will put some foreign material in the seed that will keep round up from killing the plant or pests from eating the plant.  That foreign material goes into our body too and has a reaction.  Not everyone has bad gut problems, but I see many more gut problems than the first few years out of chiropractic school.  Let’s see what happens several generations down the line.  Would you like to bet that people will get sicker or healthier eating GMO’s?

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