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Often, you race through life.  That makes it hard to be present?  It is impossible to smell the roses.

Then, something makes you stop in your tracks.  Maybe it is the birth of a new baby.  Or maybe it is the death of a friend or loved one.  

Either experience gives us the opportunity to slow down.  Experience the real in life.  Recognize what is most important, and that usually  has to do with the people we love.  Notice what is going on with you emotionally and physically.

You might not be aware of the stress you are living with on a day to day basis until you stop.  When you stop, you realize how fast you have been going.  It is ok to slow down.  It is ok to feel yourself, really feel yourself.

Your fast-paced life is a ticket to self-forgetting.  You forget your needs are important. Your needs are necessary.   It is easier when you remember that you can’t be there for your children, your spouse or anyone else, in the way you want, if you haven’t had your own cup filled.  This is all part of loving yourself!  

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