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Short Cuts!

We all take a few short cuts in our lives. Most of my patients love the detox bath. However, sometimes you might not be able to do it. Some people have been so sore that they can’t get in the tub because they are afraid they might not be able to get out. As we get older, we really understand!

If you are too sore to get in the tub or perhaps you only have a shower, there is a short cut. You can put your feet in a container and almost any container can do. A trash can or maybe your largest pot for the stove wil. often do. It is simple. Soak your feet until the water is cold.

Another option for sinus pain or a headache is to make the recipe in a bowl, soak a wash cloth in the water, and put it over your sinus area or over your head. Give these short cuts a try when, for whatever reason, the bath doesn’t work.

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