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Sun and Skin

It is pretty well established (with the latest being COVID) that we need vitamin D and one of the reasons most of us are low is because we have used so much sun blocker on our skin. We get the best conversion of vitamin D from the sun, not from supplements. So we need to learn to maximize getting our exposure and minimize too much exposure. If I am outside taking a walk, I don’t wear sunscreen. Maybe others with more sensitive skin should. However, if I am going to the swimming pool or the lake or the beach, I do wear sun screen because, although I do want some sun, I don’t want too much. I don’t want to get burned. I don’t need more wrinkles. But I do want a good amount of vitamin D. So we all need to be conscious of what we need to do for ourselves. Summer is here, so let’s enjoy it, in a smart way!!

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