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Have you ever heard of “Stiff Person Syndrome?” When people complain of something and doctors can’t figure out what it is, they slap a name on it and call it a syndrome. That means a person has symptoms and we have no idea why. If you are stiff and don’t know why, consider yourself as having stiff man syndrome.

There are times people are stiff and we know why. For instance, people can be stiff when they have any kind of arthritis.

If you see the word syndrome on the end of a diagnosis, you can always know, they don’t really know much about what causes the problem. And if you don’t know what causes it, it is pretty hard to fix it.

When we don’t know, my thoughts go to: could it be some kind of toxin? For instance, people can feel stiff in their joints from eating too many oxalates. How would you get oxalates? Drinking green drinks is one way. They have become very popular. If you have a lot of spinach or chard, make sure you steam it. I always prefer eating food instead of drinking it.

If you wonder if your green drink is bothering you, stop it for a few weeks and see if you are feeling better.

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