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The holidays are upon us and there are many opportunities to be out and about.  To become more self-aware, notice the posture of other people.  You will see many different varieties, for sure.  If you watch children, for the most part, they all have pretty good posture.  Watch teenagers.  Watch young adults.  Watch people in mid-life.  And watch the oldsters, like me.  

Posture changes over the years and you might note that it is usually for the worse.  All kinds of things affect our posture, not the least of which is accidents, too much phone, improper posture day in and day out.  Posture becomes habitual.  So changing your posture has to be intentional.  You have to work on it to change your posture.  

Let someone take a photo of your from the front, side and back.  Work with yourself to improve your posture.  Even little improvements help.  The head forward position is critical to change because it stresses the discs in our cervical spine.  Next time you are in, let’s spend a few minutes on improving your posture.

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