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Entering a bathroom, I often hold my nose.  Smells from the body don’t bother me nearly as much as the smells from the plug ins that try to cover up the body smells.  Oh my, sometimes they take my breath away.

I am not fond of the irritatingly sweet smells that are filled with chemicals and that I know are toxic.  Must we add to the toxicity  in our environment?  Frankly, I don’t like anything scented that is laden with chemicals.  My nose can tell.

You might ask, what is our choice as we don’t want bathroom smells, and let’s face it, bathrooms smell.  Candles have been popular for many years, but there are problems with using candles, like fires.  I don’t see nearly as many used any more.

But you do have a choice.  What about and easy-to-make room deodorizer that is toxic-free using essential oils?  I am sure there are many recipes to do this online.  Children would love to participate in making these chemical free natural bathroom sprays.  What a great gift and a great activity for children during the summer.  Make them and set them aside as gifts for grandmothers and aunts and neighbors.

I like this recipe.  If you prefer others, please leave the recipe.  May your bathrooms be toxic free and have a fresh smell.



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