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Healing Teeth

Our teeth are so important to our health.  Some people say you can look in a person’s mouth and tell the health of their body.  Teeth problems are often known to be the hidden cause of all kinds of mystery illnesses.

There was a dentist named Weston Price.  He traveled around the world looking at teeth and researching.  He compared people’s teeth from different cultures.  Different cultures equals different diets.  He found that diet was very important in maintaining healthy teeth, even how straight teeth are.

Do you know how to stop a cavity?  Like anything else in life, if you want to learn how to do something, ask someone who has done it.  I’m giving you a link today to an article about reversing tooth decay and remineralizing your teeth.  I always say, if you want to know how to do something, ask someone who has done it.  The author of this article healed her tooth that had a cavity in it as well a gum issue.  It is worth trying.   I’d do anything to avoid dental work!  Let me know what you think of the article!


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