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How Many Chemicals are in You?

Last week I watched the online series, “Betrayed,” which was a documentary on autoimmune diseases. It wasn’t on television because it supported the natural approach to curing these diseases.  One of the main take homes was this:  we are full of chemicals.  These chemicals attach to different parts of our body, making it look different.  That causes the immune system to respond to the “outsider.”   That process is the birth of an autoimmune disease.

A few statistics were given.  One statistic that made me  pause:  250 pounds of toxic chemicals per person are dumped in the US every DAY.   That is amazing.  No wonder we have to guard our health by making sure our food, air and water are as clean as possible.  There is no way to avoid the chemicals.  There is no place on earth to move to have a clean environment.  We have to live in the midst of these chemicals and at the same time be vigilant about what we eat, drink and breathe for the sake of our health.

Remember, good health is priceless!  If you watched the series, feel free to leave a comment about something you learned!