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Colds and Flu

Colds and flu begin as soon as school starts.  Normally it takes about 3 weeks to get used to the new schedule school requires.  Plenty of sleep will always help you, as well as your children, fight off the dreaded virus and bacteria.  Stay hydrated.  And don’t forget to eat real food.  90% of the food sold in the USA is processed food.  That means it has been altered and will not give you rich nutrients to support your body while it is under attack.  Homemade chicken soup is soothing and helps you with electrolytes.  And fruit gives you the antioxidants you need to support your recovery.

If you need more support, be sure to look on my website under Resource and scroll down to GEMS.  I have a video giving you the recipe for a detox bath, a castor oil pack and using an onion to relieve the congestion in your ears.  Use them as needed to get through this “rough patch” that we go through each year.