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The Bottom Line

Last week I gave you links to several docuseries so if you have an auto-immune disease or diabetes, you could learn more information.  Most people are too busy to watch all of these each night for 9 evenings, including myself.  I wish I could see all of them, but life has other plans.

A patient was in my office and I was telling her about the docuseries.  She said, “oh, I know you will tell me if there is something I need to know.”  If I know it, I will.  But new things are being discovered all the time.

I have listened some this week.  This is the bottom line:  you need to eat well.  Most of my patients know what that means, but in case someone is reading this who isn’t my patient, I’ll remind you what that means.

If it came off a tree, bush or from the ground, eat it.  Eat food without added poisons (including sugar) or preservatives.  Eat animals who roam freely and eat what is natural to the animal.  In other words, if it was available 100 years ago, and is available now, eat it.  That means eat real food.  Give up processed foods.  And eat organic as much as possible.  Eat non-GMO.

If you or someone you know is having health problems, do this for four months and re-evaluate your health.  It WILL be better!  How could it not be?  The bottom line is pay attention to what you put in your mouth, how you chew, your stress levels, your bowels and your exercise.

I felt like I was listening to myself:  “you need to kill fungus, virus, bacteria, rid the body of parasites, and pull the heavy metals!”  Well, honestly, it COULD have been me!  Have a fabulous week of eating well!

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