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The Sacred Plant!

I have been watching some of the docuseries, “The Sacred Plant.”  It about using medical cannabis and hemp for cancer, MS, memory, seizures, and many more problems.  Sometimes you are at your wits end and you are willing to try something you never thought you would.  We have to remember, it is a plant.  There are so many emotions around using marijuana that many people have been hesitant.  I got over any hesitation I had by googling and reading, “The Marijuana Conspiracy.”  It was an eye-opener for me and it might be for you.

If you think about it, a plant might be safer than a lot of drugs that are manufactured.  They showed studies that have been done using cannabis.  Much of it is used in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.  But all the studies are on mice.  Why can’t we do human trails?  I hope it isn’t because big pharma doesn’t want any competition.

The fact of the matter is, there are many people fighting for their life and there is hope with the products of these plants.  It isn’t easy for patients to know where to find strong enough of cannabis oil to cure cancer.  And much of it is expensive.

As they said, “People with cancer aren’t interested in getting high.  They are interested in getting well.”

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