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A guilty conscience can keep you from having a good night sleep.  And according to the lead developer of the HPV vaccines, that is why she confessed and warned the parents of young girls about getting the HPV vaccine.  Her name is Diane Harper and she was responsible for some of the safety and effectiveness studies for Gardasil and Cervarix.  She now claims they are dangerous.  Her testing was supposed to have proved their safety.  She now claims they don’t work.  I’m sure the parents of the 5,529 girls who never recovered from the vaccine wish she had been forthright BEFORE releasing the vaccines.  And she claims they were not properly tested before marketed.  She should know as that was her job.  I can see why she needs to confess to clear her conscience.  But really, what about the over 27,000 young women who have had adverse events from the vaccines.  Ms. Harper doesn’t have a good night’s sleep, but those young women have problems that will haunt many of them for the rest of their lives.

Don’t believe me.  Please do your own research.  “Vaccines Revealed” was a great series.  It will come around again.  Be sure to watch it.

And in case you think the HPV is a one off  problem, think again.  The flu vaccine is the most dangerous as it has harmed and killed more people than all the other vaccines put together!  Do your homework.  Is it worth it?

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