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Vaccines Revealed!

I’ve been asked questions about vaccines many times in my practice. I like to refer to the science.   This week is a streaming event about vaccines below. I hope you sign up to watch and listen!

I have not seen this series yet. Just remember, vaccines are often given for illnesses with few problems associated with having the illness. We have to ask why? When I was a kid, it was ok for me to stay home from school with my Granny for two weeks when I had the mumps. Today, with parents working and families living away from grandparents, it makes it hard on families for children to be sick. And don’t forget about the big money involved in vaccines. Are there studies to prove that vaccines are needed and necessary? Are safe? No, there aren’t. Is there a link with vaccines and our increase in illnesses? Watch this series and see what you can learn and we can compare notes!!

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