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When you come into my waiting room, I have a Biomat in one of the chairs. Some of my patients have their own Biomat because they borrowed one from me for a week and decided it was something they wanted for their families. You can borrow one too it you would like.  I love my Biomat and many of my patients feel the same way.

You are busy and who wants to take the time to do research on the far infrared?  No worries,  I found a solution! If you want to know more about the far-infrared rays and how they are helpful to the body, a woman did some research on the far infrared rays and put it on her website. So for more BioMat health benefits, read her article on the Biomat at:

 And I hope you are watching the “Vaccine Reveled” series as it is chopped full of information that needs to become common knowledge. Episode 6 is heart breaking but one that everyone should see.

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