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Various Causes of Pain!

It is common for us to have pain in our bodies for chemical reasons.  When I say chemical reasons I mean, it is a toxin or poison causing your pain as opposed to your having injured the tissue by falling or other physical injury.  Some years ago, my knees were bothering me. They hurt and in my job, I was standing all day. My thoughts were, “I’m getting older,” and “I should lose weight,” and “I have had twenty car accidents.” Those contributing factors made intellectual sense. But just because it makes sense, it doesn’t mean it is right. I came to my senses and decided to test myself! I found that I had an issue with mercury related to my knees. I took a supplement to pull mercury, and just as quickly as the knees hurt, the hurting went away. Sometimes it isn’t the joint that is causing the pain.  You have heard how important it is to take supplements for inflammation. My idea is to get rid of the inflammation instead of taking something to calm it.   That is what I did by taking a supplement to pull mercury from the tissues and I was, again, pain free!

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