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Pain and Emotions!

A patient was in my office with terrible back pain. I adjusted her. I worked her muscles. I did reflex points. I used my laser. I really needed to get her out of pain because she had an event to attend. But nothing I did seemed to help. And then I thought, maybe I should check for something emotional. I found, through using NET, there was an emotional element related to her back pain. I cleared it, she stood up and the pain was all gone. Sometimes our pain isn’t caused or relieved by what our mind thinks.   Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote The Molecules of Emotion, once said that when she started researching emotions, she thought emotions were just in the brain. It wasn’t long into her research until she realized, emotions are all over the body, not just in the brain.  We know many people have silent disc problems.  They aren’t causing the pain.  Be certain your pain isn’t from emotions before you take drastic measures.  Even butterflies in the tummy or blushing are caused from emotions.  Leave a comment about your experience with pain and emotions!


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