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Vitamin D


It is best to get our vitamin D naturally.   Yes, there are pills, but it is always best to get our vitamins naturally if we can.  If you swallow a pill, it needs to be digested just right or you won’t get the use out of it, whereas the skin just takes in the vitamin D.  Of course, you don’t want to be in the sun too long.  Always avoid a burn!

The days are longer and the sun beckons a nice walk outdoors.  It is always easier to walk with a friend, so perhaps you, like me, have a neighbor with whom you enjoy walking.  And some of you have a nice 4-legged friend who encourages you outside on a regular basis.

Vitamin D is necessary for your body to deposit your calcium in your bones.  Depression sometimes responds to Vitamin D.  It is important for our immune system.  Even though it is called vitamin D, it is a hormone.

No matter what leads you outside, it simply feels good.  The first of August it will feel too hot, but right now it is perfect.  Don’t be afraid of the sun.  Moderation is the key.  Enjoy it!!  And respect it!

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