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Who Will Speak on Vaccines?

Last week I gave you the link for The Truth About Vaccines.  I want to encourage you to listen and to send this link to others.

I didn’t mention some of the speakers for this series.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be speaking.  He was a favorite speaker on Vaccines Revealed that was available a few months ago.

One that I think is important to hear is Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  He is the doctor that went through so much bad publicity.  I’ve heard him speak.  He is a do not miss speaker!!  I promise.  Hear it from his own mouth what happened.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny will be speaking too.  I’ve heard her speak.  I heard her say before she was aware that vaccines can cause the eyes to look as they do with shaken baby syndrome, she testified against a man for shaking baby syndrome.  That would make you want to learn all you can.  At the meeting I attended, all of her information was straight out of the CDC’s records.

Follow this link and enjoy the series. I look forward to talking to you about the series when you come in for your next appointment.  And don’t forget, send this link to at least a few of your friends!

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