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Water please!

Last week, I gave a link to the series on Alzheimer’s.  The link didn’t work correctly, and I apologize.  Here is the one that works.

We are in the midst of the hot days of summer.  It is easy to get dehydrated.  Did you know that the number one reason for kidney stones is not drinking enough water? Water is necessary.  Pure water.  If you have ever had a kidney stone, I won’t have to beg you to drink enough water.  They can be very painful.

When I go into a convenience store, there are so many drinks from which to choose.  Water is the best.  Adding a few squeezes of lemon juice can be helpful when you are home or in a restaurant.  And if you are inflamed you can add about an ounce of sugar free cherry juice or sugar free pomegranate juice to a tall glass of water.  They are refreshing drinks when you are sitting on the deck in the summer. ENJOY!

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