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Which Supplement Do I Need?

A supplement company doesn’t put all ingredients on their label. Why does this matter? A patient came in and I tested her for my products Camu and Melia as well as a couple of other products. She had those at home or so she thought. She had camu and neem, but different brands that I had tested her for. She called and said she had been taking them and they upset her stomach.  She brought her supplements to me and, she was right, she tested bad to those supplements, but still tested good to mine. Same name, different brand, but was not effective for her. Another example: I had a child in my office with supplements that upset her stomach. I could not find any supplement in my office that would work for her. So I met her and her dad at the health food store and tested each brand of what I thought she needed. She only tested positive to one brand. I probably tested 10 or 12 different brands. The take home: it really matters what we take! Not all supplements are created equal!

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