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Why I Practice Like I Do

I remember watching some of the docu-series that have come out the last few years.  Whether they were talking about cancer or other diseases, they would talk about how you have to get rid of all of the virus in your body, all of the bacteria in your body, all of the fungus in your body as well as the heavy metals.  All of this is what we call the body’s burden.  And this is what I do when I work with people chemically, meaning I give them the supplements to kill those organisms and pull the heavy metals.  Doing this decreases your body’s burden.

When the body’s burden gets too much for the body to bear, it gets a disease.  It really is that simple.  

And of course, genetics are important, but genetics are responsible for 5% of all cancers. You can do something about decreasing your body’s total load!  Call or text and make an appointment!  

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