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Work from the Heart

Does it make your heart smile when someone really enjoys their job? Danny Combs started out as a country western musician and then became a father. After his son was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, right here in our own city of Denver, Danny Combs opened a shop to teach trades to the Autistic community. It is called T.A.C.T. which stands for Teaching the Autism Community Trades. He teaches them how to repair cars. He says they are uniquely suited to do this kind of work. Scott, an autistic young man here in Denver, shared his own journey in a feature film called “Autism: One Man’s Journey.” He also filmed this episode of the Mike Rowe show. I’d love to give T.A.C.T. a shout out and if anyone has any old cars, they could use them. I hope you enjoy this segment of the Mike Rowe show. Having this kind of love for your job, which is his purpose, is so important to our overall component of health. My hat is off to this group!!

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