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Your Feet!

Don’t forget about your feet!  It is that time of year that we are going outside more and we need to be mindful of our feet and ankles.  

I do believe we were born without shoes and to be without shoes is good, but the way we live, after a certain age, it seems we need shoes.  I have never been able to go barefoot as I have very sensitive feet. 

I can buy cheap clothes, no problem.  But I buy the best shoes because I have “crazy” feet as I call them.  But my advice is to pay as much as you necessary to get the right shoes for you.  Comfortable and as supportive as needed.   Just like I consider eating organic to be paying upfront to avoid a problem, I feel the same way about good shoes.  You need them for all the days in your life!

I love to get a pedicure as it makes my feet feel better. Do exercises to keep your ankles flexible and step on a tennis ball with you bare feet and hold for about 3 minutes. Massage your feet. You want to lot from them, so be generous!

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