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Let There Be Light

Would you be interested in a product that destroys 99.9% of harmful and deadly bacteria, viruses and mold such as e-coli, MRSA, staph, the plague, anthrax, strep and many more?  And what if it also got rid of odors and harmful pollutants?  And how great it would be if it made you happy and helped with your allergies?

So, what is this product and how much does it costs?  Right?

The product is a light bulb that uses NASA technology making the light bulb a mini-air purifier.  Put a bulb in the bathroom, kitchen and any area that has a musty smell or any smell at all.  This light bulb uses less electricity than normal and has a guarantee of 10 years.  And, they are about $16 a piece which is a lot less expensive than the air purifiers I have at my house.

There are over 140 scientific studies on the effects of this technology. Read all about it at

Maybe this is part of the holistic answer to making our environment healthy and safe!

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Cause and Effect

Happy 2018.

Sometimes it is hard for us to correlate cause and effect.  For example, if you eat gluten, does it cause you any problems?  Some people know they suffer and quit eating it.  But others do not have any proof.  Their stomach feels fine even when they eat gluten.

This last week I saw a patient I’ve seen numerous times.  She has a shoulder that gives her problems.  It is much better since I worked on it, but she can still feel it.  Sometimes it will catch with movement.  Does that sound familiar?

When she came in this week, I asked her how her shoulder was feeling.  She laughed and said, “Fine.”  She quit eating gluten and the shoulder doesn’t have a catch in it anymore.  Yeah!

Sometimes it is worth experimenting to see how food affects your “problem area.”  It can be anything but gluten, corn, dairy, sugar and nightshades are the most typical culprits.  If you experiment, let me know if you too have, what seems to be, a miraculous result!

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My wish for you, as well as myself, is to have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

I don’t focus on New Year’s resolutions!  Although it feels like a New Year gives us a new chance, in reality, every day gives us a new beginning.  Even every minute.

My Granny always said, “Life is short.”  The older I get, the smarter she gets.  None of us know how many more days we have, but we all have an expiration date.  Let’s do what we want to do.  Let’s make sure we are riding the wave of our passion.  Have you found your purpose?  It is never too late to find your purpose.  Let’s enjoy our time here on this earth.  Let’s give back in the ways we want to give back.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.  Better not to do it and forgo the complaining that you had to do it.  If you don’t do things you don’t want to do, you have less reason to be resentful.

Be productive and enjoy your life.    Happy 2018!!