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These last six months have taught us the importance of being able to care for ourselves at home as much as possible.  That is where the “HEALY” comes in.  I bring this up because it is on sale this week.  Tesla and Einstein both said something to the effect that the medicine of the future will be with frequencies, and the Healy is a frequency machine.  And what I love the most is the Healy has an analyzer that will tell you what frequencies you need today.  That is a gift.

There are thousands of frequencies.  Which ones do I need?  The analyzer will tell you.  

In this day and age, how nice it is to get help in the comfort of your own home.  If you live with pain or dysfunction, or just want to be ready for the next thing that comes along, consider a Healy.  I love mine and you will love yours too!  

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  1. I have accessed the programs but still not sure about the analyzer part.

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