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How important is posture?  It is at the top of the list in what we need to work on every day.

So many things are tied to posture, especially breathing.  You can’t get a good breath with poor posture. 

To get a little more into posture, watch people.  What is the victim posture, the self-assured posture, the I’m depressed posture, or the I’m ready for the world posture?  Our posture is one way of communicating to others.  

Most importantly, poor posture leads to all kinds of health problems.

If you are walking through a door, bend your elbows and put your hand to the side of the door frame and slowly walk through.  This pulls your shoulders back.  It stretches your chest muscles which are often contracted.  Just that one move can be helpful.  Watch these guys do it. They do it without the doorframe, but for me, the doorframe is a good prompt.

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