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Sleep: Do You Get Enough?

Do you ever have a bad night’s sleep? Sleep really isn’t given the respect it deserves. Many people confess to me that they stay up too late at night. Did you know that if you have a night of only four hours of sleep, research shows that the next day you will eat 400 more calories than you would have if you had gotten a good night’s sleep? And if that wasn’t bad enough, research shows that one night of poor sleep will mess with your insulin sensitivity more than if you ate poorly for six months. If you aren’t afraid of diabetes, don’t forget that high insulin levels drive cancer too. People who had less than six hours of sleep a night had a 50% greater chance of having cancer. So, the bottom line is, let’s make sure we get a good night’s sleep!!  A hot bath before bed, turn off devices an hour before bed, add a few rituals before bed and my never fail is a minute or so of deep breathing!  Now, let’s celebrate good sleep!

I got these statistics from Dr. Mercola’s wonderful website in case you want to read more!

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