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All about the toes!

Our toes are so important for balance as well as for walking.  The toes can take a beating with ballet, soccer and other sports, even hiking.   As we get older, toes get bunions, crooked toes, rigid toes, toes that are too long or not long enough.  I have a good size bunion on my right foot.  One day my sister said, “When are you going to get that thing fixed?”  I said, “Hopefully never,” because my bunion doesn’t hurt.  I would never have surgery unless I was in extreme pain.  Just because it is ugly, isn’t enough reason for me to approve of the knife!   If you have a toe problem, there are many more aids today that when I was a child.  Next time you are in Walgreens, stop by the foot and toe section and see all the wraps and tapes and products to make you more comfortable.  Our toes are very small but play a large role in balance and coordination.

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