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Mother’s and Father’s


Mother’s Day passed and Father’s Day is upon us. No two people are more important to us in our development than our parents, whether they are good parents or not. These holidays are for celebrating the best the parents had to offer us. Whether our experience was positive or negative, we have learned many lessons from them. This is a great time, if you are a parent, to make a few goals for the coming year. Do you know how much your child, no matter what age, would appreciate a few comments from you regarding what you love and appreciate about them? As we know, it is sometimes hard to take suggestions from parents, but it isn’t hard at all to hear how much they love us or what they appreciate about us. So whether it is, “you have such style in your dress,” or “I love the way you parent your child,” or “you have such a kind heart,” or “I really admire your business savvy,” or a million other remarks. Leave your child with the positive memories of your admiration! Just call me Ann Landers!!


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