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Words of Wisdom!

My patient looked up at me and said, “I followed the wise words spoken by Dr. Elva Edwards.”  I had to ask, “What did I say?”  He recalled a day in my office some years ago when he told me he didn’t have health insurance.  I suggested getting insurance would be a good idea.  But, he protested, “He doesn’t like medicine and they don’t have anything to offer him.”  I said, “Use them for what they are good for.”  We have to admit, medicine is very good at doing what they do well.  But the complaint I receive the most is:   “They just want to give me medicine,”  My response is, “That is what they do.”  My patients often expect more and are disappointed.  Medicine doesn’t typically offer more natural therapies.  But we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Use them for what they are good for!!  My patient is glad he did get insurance as a few health problems have emerged.  In my opinion, every specialty has a place at the table of health care.  If they didn’t help us in the way we wanted to be helped, we probably went to the wrong kind of provider.

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