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Back to Basics!

It is always good to remember the basics!  In our health care, I consider the basics to be structure, chemistry and energetics.  Most people think of structural work when they think of chiropractic.  The adjustment not only effects the joints, but those joints send signals all the way to the brain.  As our food and environment has more problems, the chemistry work is a God-send.  Getting rid of organisms and avoiding foods that we are sensitive to can give us great benefit.  Energetics include many ways the body can be shifted through energy work like acupuncture, NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), flower remedies along with many other modalities.  Often people have one area (structure, chemistry or energetics) where they feel they receive the most benefit.  Some people, like myself, find they need a combination of all of the treatments to really feel well.  Leave a comment below and tell me, does your body benefit more from structural work, chemistry work or energetic work?  And, remember, GOOD HEALTH IS PRICELESS!

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