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How We Spend Our Money

Unfortunately, it does cost more money to eat healthy. The fast food and processed food industries of the world make certain of that. However, we all make our choices. For me, I’d rather pay more eating real food like fresh vegetables and fruits as opposed to processed food. And, I’d rather eat organic fruits and vegetables if I have the choice. If you think they are expensive, have you seen the costs of drugs or medicine lately?  And I’m not just talking about the cost in money.  According to John Hopkins, over 250,000 people a year are killed by our conventional medical system. That boggles the mind as it is almost 700 people a day!  Let’s take control of our own health so we won’t find ourself needing much medical care.    Good food plus proper supplementation works for many of us.  Come join us!  Now where did I put that organic apple?

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