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What About Fasting?

I have a video today that will, hopefully, enlighten you as it did me.  The video is about fasting, but before you leave the page, know that studies have been done with people are are taking chemo.  The studies show that our bodies have been programmed, genetically, to help us out when we are fasting.  Cancer cells will be weaker while normal cells will be stronger.  

But no one wants to give money to provide studies on fasting.  Sometimes we just can’t take the easy route, can we?  Fasting was helpful to mice and helpful to people. That shows that over time, people have been programmed to allow fasting to help us with disease processes or sickness.  More study needs to be done with other disease like RH, MS, and many others.  

Today’s health tip is really simply to let you know what is going on in this area.  If you haven’t ever fasted, it will be enlightening. We are so afraid of not having food! Yep that is me!   

One woman in the video was not feeling very well on day 4 of her fast.  And when she got up on day 5, she felt so good. This video is informative and I hope you will watch it and then email me telling me how much you enjoyed it!!

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Today we have some choices for care that we didn’t have when I was a child.

If you are thinking you could be a candidate for a knee replacement or a shoulder replacement, you have more choices in most circumstances now.  Have you ever considered a stem cell injection?  Or a shot of protein rich plasma, called PRP?  When I weigh a shot, which is how stem cells are given, or a surgery, I think the shot is a great deal less invasive.  Yes, it is possible it won’t work.  But a replacement might not work either.  After a stem cell injection, you can still have a replacement if you need it. The only glitch is that insurance will not pay for stem cells or PRP and they are pricey.

There are many complaints about the costs of health care (I call sickness care).  And yet, a great deal of the costs could be eliminated if people were given stem cell and PRP shots instead of replaced parts.  You see, the powers that be don’t really want to decrease the health care bills.  “They” say stem cells and PRP  are experimental.  How long do they have to be done before they are no longer classified as experimental? Is it possible that big pharma does not want them considered regular care?  I mean, how much medicine would you need with a shot?  Think about it!

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What Has Changed

Life was so different when I was a child.  I remember Grandpa lying in the hospital bed when his cardiologist came into his hospital room.  His doctor sat on the side of his bed while they both smoked a cigarette and talked. Times have changed.

And times are continuing to change.  Please take advantage of the information available about vaccinations.  Are they necessary?  Do they do harm?  Make the best decisions for you and your children.  There is a lot of information.  Just read one book or listen to one docuseries about the problems with vaccinations.  Then make your decisions.

One issue is that when I was a child, I did not get a vaccination until I was 6 years old.  I remember the day because that meant I could go to school like my big sister.  I think I only got two vaccinations.  Now your child is scheduled for 72 if they get all the powers that be would like them to have.  Just think about the assault to the body.

If nothing else, go to the Facebook site for Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice group. Learn statistics.  Go to my Facebook page for my office.  I posted an article that says autism is caused by the macrophages delivering the aluminum in vaccinations to the brain.

The drug companies are not held responsible for any negative effects from vaccinations.  Once that happened, the number of vaccinations keeps mounting, requiring more and more and more.  Wonder why?  Follow the money.  Watch the docuseries.  Call me and I will give you the names of a few books.  Most importantly:  educate yourself!

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Do You Feel Free To Make Choices Concerning Your Own Body?


Do you feel free to make decisions about what choices you make about your own body?  Celebrating the Fourth of July is to remind us of our freedoms and our duty to protect them.

I’m concerned with medical freedom.

The series, “Vaccines Revealed,” just aired and one of the concerns is that people are being held hostage to vaccinate.  It used to simply be a choice.  Now people are told their job is dependent on their being vaccinated, that their children’s education is dependent on their being vaccinated.  And at the same time, the CDC has known since 2001 that vaccines cause autism.  There is something wrong with this equation, right?

Where was the freedom for those who were born since 2001 whose parents did not get the memo, and became autistic?

Where is our freedom to stay well?  Where is our freedom to make our own choices about our health care and the health care of our children?  We will, as a country, either reverse this trend or by 2032 one in two new births will become autistic.  And if you think that is a genetic problem, that isn’t possible.

But don’t believe me.

I like for my patients to look for confirmation of anything I say.  Now, don’t expect confirmation from the CDC.  They have an agenda:  sell vaccines while they are supposed to be keeping us safe.  And, they don’t want it found out that they knew all along.  After all, what would you think of them?  But again, don’t believe me.

I knew that many people would be unable to watch the link I gave in the health tips for the nine consecutive days of video.

They were over an hour and a half long.  That is a lot of time for anyone.  So, I purchased the set of videos.  I did not purchase them for me.  I am not having any children or grandchildren.  I am not getting vaccinations. I bought them for you, my patients, to borrow from me and educate yourself.  I can’t expect you to believe me.  I don’t want you to believe me.

I want you to get good information and synthesize it for yourself.  Come to your own conclusions.

If I just wanted you to do what I suggest, I could have saved my money.  I bought this for you.  Please, for the sake of your children’s and grandchildren’s health, listen to both sides of the issue and make up your own mind.

Isn’t that what real freedom is about?

And while you are at it, enjoy the Fourth of July!!  Let’s not take our freedom for granted!