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Happy New Year!

I love the beginning of a New Year.  It feels like we get to start over.  In what way do you need to start over this year?

I decided to take this year and go through my whole house.  I want to find a new home for all the things that are taking up space in my home and life that I most likely don’t need. This is partly because I have moved my office to my house.  But it is also because I am getting older.  I saw an article in AARP magazine a few years ago that was titled something like, “How to Make Your Kids Hate You.”  It was about leaving a mess for someone else to clean up.  Cleaning up is a constant process whether it be our house, our health, our finances or our emotional baggage.  

I know I won’t do it all at once because life requires constant adjustments.  But since we are staying home, it is a great time to set in motion something you have wanted to do but keep putting off.  What is that for you?

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