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Where’s Your Head?

Posture is very important.  There have been correlations between health and posture.  Good posture begets good health.  Posture is somewhat set in our nervous system and difficult to change by executive decision.  We have to work for good posture through exercise as well as intention.  

One of the biggest problems I see in our world today is having a head forward position.  Be a people watcher and you will see as people are standing or walking, their head protrudes forward.  Since our head weighs 10 to 15 pounds, you can see that from an engineer’s perspective, that puts a great deal of stress on the body.  

Why would you have a head forward position?  Think of your position while at the computer and while looking at your phone.  You are contracting your neck muscles on a consistent basis making them tight.  What to do?  Exercise and stretch your neck in the opposite direction.  The next time you are in to see me, remind me to go over some exercises for you!

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