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Nutrition Facts

Some people can’t take a supplement and some people prefer not to take supplements.  And, I always say it is better to get our nutrition in our food if at all possible.  That is the way it was meant to be, right?  

I might say to a patient, “you need magnesium.”  A patient sometimes responds with, I just can’t take any magnesium or it will give me diarrhea (listen up folks with constipation!).  “So, dear patient, you need to eat foods with magnesium in them.”

What food has magnesium in it?  Go to a website Dr. Greger made called It is completely free and all profits from any of his books or website go to educating people about nutrition.

You see, he found his purpose.  He is a medical doctor and wants to help others learn about nutrition just like a doctor did for his grandmother and saved her life.  She lived many more years.  So many people have told me how much their grandmother influenced them, just like me. He has many you tube videos as well.  I like the way his nutrition facts website has a search engine where you can ask all kinds of questions.  If you have any questions, use it now.

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