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Health Food

When I shop at a health food store, I expect to buy healthy food.  Back in the day, a health food store did not have coffee.  Certainly not chocolate.  It was about pure food that was fresh.

Today we are busy, busy, busy.  We need to cut some corners with cooking.  Believe me, I get it. 

But do we have to sacrifice our health?  I want to start a write in campaign to “health food companies” and ask them to use ingredients that don’t cause many of the illnesses we have today, like macular degeneration.

Many illnesses have increased at the same rate that vegetable oils have increased in our diet.  Vegetable oils are not our friend.  So why are all the processed health foods processed in vegetable oils?   Almost all of them have safflower oil or sunflower oil.  It might be organic, but it is a vegetable oil.

To avoid them, we need to eat unprocessed foods.  Or they need to change their oil. Let’s start a write-in campaign and ask them to change their oils. They do not need to use vegetable oils that cause us illness.

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