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The Scientific Method

Science is interesting, isn’t it?  Recently I’ve heard people say, “I believe in science.”  Don’t we all?  But honestly, we don’t have to “believe” in science because it can be proven.  That is the scientific method.  

Through the scientific method, we can determine if something works or does not work as presented, that is, if the scientific method is allowed to complete its research.  And that is why it is so important to support our good scientists and make certain they can rely on science and not have to support a narrative.

The scientific method is skeptical.  Someone says, “this will work.”  For instance, when the doctors wanted to use ivermectin or any other drug, the scientists would then set to prove that they are wrong.  That is the skepticism of science.  Let’s see if we can prove them wrong!

And the scientist do their research and find that they can or cannot prove that the person is right.  It is continued until there is enough research to determine they are right or they are wrong.  It is a beautiful system! There is much discussion back and forth. All ideas are welcome and must be considered because EVERYTHING can be ruled in or out with your work out in the public where other scientists can view it and comment.

Because we know numbers can be fudged and that is why other scientists go through their work, trying to poke holes in it or re-do the research to see if they confirm the original conclusion or find a different conclusion.

That is the scientific method in its simplest form.  If this has not been done and reported in such a way that we, and other scientists, can read it and re-do the experiment, it is NOT the scientific method. It is awesome when all scientist come to the table to find the best outcome.

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