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Jingle Bells!

Jingle Bells! I have such fond memories of Christmas time when I was a child.  I loved Santa!  

The children are easy to buy for as they have a long list of wants.  Men and women below 50 often have things they need or want.  But when you get to people as old as I am (51, right?), it gets harder to find that perfect something for Granny or Grandpa, doesn’t it?

You might look toward a gift of health.  Do they have any pain?  If so, there are braces or supports that might be helpful.  Perhaps a favorite bottle of herbal lotion for pain?  Or perhaps a gift certificate for massage.  Or maybe a set of one-pound weights to wear around their wrists or ankles to help them build muscle.   There are many things that older people need to help their body, so let that be your number one choice.  They will appreciate it!

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  1. I have never gotten your 7 dirt cheap ways to get healthy.

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