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Move Over Monsanto!

You probably know that I do not like pesticides, herbicides or GMO’s in my food.   If you have taken advantage of watching the video series “GMO’s Revealed,” I’m sure you are learning information that will serve your better health.

Mike Adams, known as The Health Ranger, was interviewed in the “GMO Revealed” series.  He informed that a device is being created that you can tale to the grocery store with you.  It will be small. similar to a cell phone.   You point the device toward a food and it will display how much glyphosate (round-up) is in the food.  Only then will you be able to truly decide what you put in your mouth.

He thinks that Monsanto will end up like the tobacco industry.  Tobacco companies, for years, said smoking did not cause a negative effect on your health, just as Monsanto is saying today.  However, through court cases and discovery, their own research is revealing that they have known how bad Round Up is for our health.

40 other countries have outlawed GMO’s.  In the US, we outlawed labeling  GMO’s.  How crazy is that?  If vaccines and GMO’s are good for you and support our health, the US would be far above all other countries in the health department.  But it just isn’t so.  The World Health Organization rates the health of the citizens of each country every year.   We spend far more than any other country for our health, but we are way down the list in terms of health of our citizens.  When will we wake up?  It is always a grass roots effort that wakes people up.  For the sake of the children we love, let’s be part of the grass roots effort to stop the madness before it is too late to recuperate our health!


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