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A common problem is neck pain. Have you looked at your posture? I think it is wise to do so and change it if you can.

One item I have people buy for neck pain is a cervical traction unit. This is a good one and it is cheap. Your results will be equal to your persistence at using it.

A patient was in my office with neck pain. I know she has a traction unit at home and I asked if she was using it. Yes, about every other day. I said, change that to daily. Upon her return she was laughing saying, I was right. All it took was using it more.

This traction device is very easy to use. You don’t want to over-stretch the neck, but just a little distraction will help so much. Of course, there are some conditions it might not help. If you have pain when doing this, you have too much traction. A little dab will do you.

This is simple, easy and inexpensive. If you have a low level neck ache, try it. Most people like it.

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