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Nitric Oxide

Patients have asked me about taking nitric oxide. Nitric oxide could be very important for health in your blood vessels. It relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels so they can expand. So it can lower blood pressure by increasing blood flow.

I’ve had nitric oxide in my office and tested people on it and they didn’t often test well to it so I quit trying. I thought well, maybe we could get it through food. And then one day I was watching Dr. Mercola’s daily video. He was in the gym and demonstrating how to get a “nitric acid dump” from exercise. It is one of those exercises I have reintroduced time and time again simply because I forget about it.

Why watch it? It can help keep you from having a stroke and even dementia.

Please listen to what he has to say about it especially if you have and blood flow issues, even erectile dysfunction.

Watch this video and get your nitric oxide through pretty easy exercise.

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